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Tuesday the 25th of June 2019

By Numpty Nuts

Forgive me while I wander off to do a few other things. I promise I will come back and finish writing this out soon.


Numpty Nuts, Stuff & Nonsense From a Procrastinating Fool

Hi, and welcome to Numpty Nuts, my personal MadHouse. This is a site where I can share my life experience, lifestyle, hobbies, work, views, and opinions, and also help to organise my random thought trains as I do tend to get distracted and go off on tangents sometimes.

What will you find on this website?

My motives for this site aren’t solely personal, I would like to also help pay towards my coffee bills. To that end, there will be ads, affiliate links, and even sponsored content. However, I promise I will be true to myself and not endorse or recommend anything that I do not or would not use personally.

So here are some of the main things I will be covering…


The latest happenings in my life and announcements that have caught my eye (I may be late to the game on some things so please feel free to give me a heads up on things you may think I’ll like).


This will include guides to various technologies, platforms, kit and any other random stuff that keeps me awake at nights because my brain’s decided to head down a rabbit hole.


Side by side comparisons covering things like specifications, performance, useability, practicality, quality and value.


Here you will find my thoughts on products and services that I actually have hands on experience with. In addition to my personal thoughts I will try to also try to cover where such things may or may not be more suitable/useful.

Useful Resources

Here I will provide a list of useful things I have come across or use personally.

N.B. This may include affiliate links, however, I do fully endorse anything included here.


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