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Saturday the 26th of January 2013

By Numpty Nuts


I’m sorry but I have disabled all comments for the time being (and possibly the foreseeable future). It’s not a decision I made lightly and I shall hopefully reenable them once I have more time available to manage the site.

In the meantime, if you do have something you need to get off your chest or something worthwhile to share please use the form on the Contact Page.

Cheers, Numpty Nuts

Numpty Nuts Welcomes You To His MadHouse

The modern internet is all about interactivity everyone has their own opinions, thoughts, and ideas, and the net is a worldwide forum for expressing them.

I wholeheartedly encourage people to share their thoughts as they relate to any subjects or topics published on all my sites. Whilst I welcome and encourage your feedback and comments, I do not, however, tolerate abusive use of the commenting system. To this end, I have put together some ground rules when interacting with this site. These are set out below in this comment policy…

Numptys Comment Policy

By posting any comments, posts, or other material on NumptyNuts, Into Tech or any other Web Smith site, you give Numpty Nuts the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media. You also agree that you will not:

  • Post material that infringes on the rights of any third party, including intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights.
  • Post material that is unlawful, obscene, indecent, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by Web Smith in its sole discretion.
  • Post advertisements, promotions, or solicitations of businesses, services, or products that aren’t directly relevant to the content in question.
  • Post chain letters or pyramid schemes.
  • Impersonate another person or organisation.
  • Allow any other person or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments.
  • Post the same comment more than once or blatantly “spam” our sites with irrelevant, generic, or off-topic comments.

…enough of the negative, let’s turn the tone around…

  • You may comment without registering. You can log in via Google, Disqus, OpenID, Twitter, Facebook or not at all. It’s up to you.
  • You may post follow-up questions. If you have a question, chances are you are not alone. Others are likely to think similarly. Therefore, we would rather receive your comments on our sites than via email. It is a better use of our time to address everyone at once rather than answer several similar emails.
  • You may disagree with me. I welcome the debate. However, I do ask that if you disagree with me or anyone else, for that matter, do so in a way that is respectful and constructive. In my opinion, there is way too much shouting in the public square to tolerate it here.

N.B. Do not submit copyrighted or other proprietary material in any form unless you clearly indicate that you have permission to do so. By posting your comments or other work, you grant Web Smith and anyone viewing the website irrevocable permission to copy, distribute, make derivatives, display or perform the commenter’s work publicly and free of charge.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any of your comments that are abusive, illegal, or disruptive, or that otherwise fail to conform with this comments policy. This is after all my website and I remain in complete control of the contents. I don’t have any obligation to publish any of your comments. Freedom of speech gives you the right to express your opinions on your sites and not mine.

Specifically, I will delete your comments if you post something that is, in my opinion, snarky, off-topic, libellous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or otherwise violates or encourages others to violate our sense of decorum and civility or any law, including intellectual property laws. Or is blatant and obvious spam i.e. an attempt to advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services. You may, however, post a link to your site, your most recent blog post, or even commercial targets that are relevant and useful to the topic being discussed.

You retain ownership of your comments and all liability therein. I do not own them and I expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on my site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve me from any and all liability that may result from those postings.

You grant me a license to post your comments. This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. You grant me the right to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, a book, a video, or a presentation.

In short, our goal is to host interesting conversations with caring, honest, and respectful people. I believe this simple comments policy will facilitate this.

All comments are filtered through spam filtering technology, the kind we use varies over time, but we are currently using a combination of the most popular. We recognise that the spam filtering technology isn’t perfect and from time to time it flags legitimate emails or comments (false positives).

If you find that your comment isn’t immediately showing up, it may have been erroneously flagged as spam. Please contact us via the contact us form to follow up on the status of your comment if it hasn’t shown up after 24 hours and I will do my best to sort it out.

Please Note: Trackbacks Are Comments: All trackbacks will be treated in line with our Comments Policy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comment policy. I encourage your participation in our discussions and look forward to an active exchange of ideas.


Numpty Nuts


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